Dinner #83

Cooking together tonight. Homemade sweet n sour sauce (Recipe in sauces).

Sweet n Sour Pork

Ingredients serves 4

1Tb gluten-free cornflour with 2Tb warm water into slurry

4 grass fed pork loin fillet cubed

2 organic carrot sliced into batons

1 celery stalk sliced on diagonal

1 capsicum cut into strips

6 organic mushrooms sliced

1 large organic onion sliced

1 jar homemade sweet and sour sauce with peach juice

1Tb olive oil

1tsp pure sesame oil

1 cup basmati rice with 2 cups hot water


Cut Pork into cubes.

Make corn flour slurry and place pork cubes into slurry

Fry half pieces in hot oils until brown or cooked through.

Then remove pork to a bowl keep warm

Put rice and hot water into microwave bowl and cook for 10minutes.

Cut vegetables as listed.

Add to skillet and stir fry until onion is translucent.

Add pork back into skillet with sauce and stir fry until sauce is hot.

Serve rice between 4 and pork between 4

then divide vegetables and sauce between 4.

Keep 2 Serves in takeaway container with lid for another meal.