Dinner #75

Paleo Hero Pizza bases with hubby making his first one. Make 2 bases according to packet. Keep 1 base for another pizza. 

Organic Beet, Organic Spinach & Organic Brie


Ingredients makes 1 large pizza

40g Organic Passatta

75g Organic baby Spinach leaves

30g Organic Brie

50g Organic Beets

1 bacon rasher nitrate free diced

1 Paleo Hero base

Coconut oil spray



Pre-Heat oven 200*C

Make base according to direction on packet.

Place baking paper on pizza tray and spray with coconut oil spray. Add the pizza base.

Prepare topping by chopping cheese into triangles then half again.

Chop spinach and beets.

Dice bacon.

Spread  Passatta on base. Top with spinach

then add remaining ingredients.

Bake 20 minutes.