Breakfast #76

Sunday breakfast: I got two cracked eggs so made omelette for breakfast. Used up leftovers as well.

Cracked omelette


Ingredients serves 2

2 organic free range eggs

2Tb lactose free milk

3 mushrooms

1/2 green capsicum

sea salt and pepper light pinch

serve with leftovers

2 Cleavers organic beef sausages

2 handfuls organic baby spinach



Divide eggs between 2 ramekins and beat egg with fork and milk.

slice mushrooms and capsicum and divide between two ramekins

Seasion with salt and pepper.

Cook for 2 minutes in microwave (if still runny cook further 30seconds)

Reheat sausages and spinach on serving plate for 1-2 minutes in microwave.

Serve with omelette.