Dinner #72

I am taking my own dinner to dinner tonight w study group so I stay on track. Earlier this afternoon I cooked sweet potato wedges in preparation for my dinner.

Study dinner bowl


Ingredients Serves 1

1 small organic sweet potato

sweet potato seasoning: sea salt, pepper, cumin, paprika, garlic powder, parsley just sprinkled not measured.

1/2 Tb olive oil

1 small avocado with

1/2 lime juiced to prevent avocado going brown

3 organic cherry tomatoes cut in half

1 handful organic mixed salad leaves

1 Tb pickled ginger

1 small handful fresh mint

1/4 cucumber cut into batons

100g lamb steak  cooked then cut into thick strips



1/cook steak to your liking in non stick skillet with no oil or cooking spray then when cooked and rested for a couple of minutes slice into thick strips.

2/ squeeze lime juice into small container then cut avocado into chunks and mix well with lime juice *this can be done ahead and keep in fridge with lid on container.

3/ Slice sweet potato in half lengthwise  then lay flat half on cutting board. Cut into wedges.

Place into baking tray with the olive oil. Sprinkle over seasoning and mix well.

Then cook sweet potato in 180*c oven for 30 minutes

4/Cut tomatoes in hal, cut cucumber into batons. Place into serving bowl with leaves, avocado drained from juice, sweet potato wedges, steak strips, pickled ginger in middle and mint in middle of ginger.