Breakfast #68

Another paleo breakfast to kick off the weekend.

Garlic mushrooms and spinach


Ingredients serves 2

6 chipolatas leftovers

4 Mushroom medium sized sliced

1/2 tsp organic butter

1tsp organic minced garlic

2 handfuls organic baby spinach

2 Tb homemade paleo tomato sauce

2 thin slices paleo bread

1/2 avocado



Slice mushrooms

In non stick skillet add butter, mushrooms and garlic and sauté until cooked

remove from pan to 2 serving plates

Add spinach and chipolatas to pan.

Cook until spinach wilts  and chipolatas are heated through about a minute or two and remove to plate.

Slice avocado in half lengthwise and add 1/4 to each plate.

Serve sauce in ramekin and place in middle of plate for dipping.

Place bread on plate.


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