Dinner #67

Leftover Turkey Roast cooked the other day. Homemade gravy.

Turkey Roast with Parsnip mash

Ingredients serves 2

4 slices turkey roast

2 cups organic mixed vegetables

1/2 cup parsnip & cauli mash

2Tb plus extra Tomato turkey gravy

Parsnip And Cauliflower  Mash

4 Parsnip peeled

250g  Cauliflower

1Tb raw c coconut milk

1Tb olive oil

20g fresh mint


Tomato Turkey Gravy

1 serve turkey dripping leftover from cooking roast

2Tb organic flour

1Tb homemade paleo tomato sauce



1/ Make mash. Peel and steam Parsnip and cauliflower  in microwave steamer for 5 minutes.

place into blender w remaining mash ingredients and blitz until smooth.

2/  Make gravy by mixing all ingredients in pot until thickens and mixed well.

3/ Reheat 2 slices turkey roast on serving plate with 1 cup vegetables and microwave for 3 minutes.

pour gravy over roast and serve on the side.