Lunch #66

Lunch is a slight variation on yesterday’s pho.

Chicken kimchi soup

Ingredients serves 1

1/2 packet slendier konjac angel hair noodles

1Tb homemade organic kimchi

1 handful of each fresh organic herb: mint, basil, coriander

1 organic carrot grated

1/2 cucumber (fresh today from Vegepod )

1/2 cooked Antibiotic free chicken breast fillet

1 cup antibiotic free chicken bone broth (Slow Cooker Leftover)

1tsp organic minced ginger

1tsp organic minced garlic



Rinse and drain Konjac noodles then place in non stick skillet and stir fry for 1 minute

add to middle of donburi bowl.

Slice chicken, grate carrot, chop herbs and stir fry with remaining ingredients.


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