Breakfast #65

Indian feast #15 breakfast for 1

I woke late and was craving Indian food. when I woke it was after breakfast time and it was too early for lunch so I made it for my late breakfast instead.

Indian feast for 1

Ingredients serves 1

1 chicken breast fillet

curry sauce : not traditional just what I had available

1 tsp organic garlic minced

1tsp organic ginger minced

2tsp organic coconut yogurt

2tsp Indian curry powder

1tsp cinnamon

1 tsp turmeric

1 tsp coriander seed dried

1tsp cumin powder

2Tb water mixed with 1tsp gluten-free cornflour For slurry

1Tb Raw C coconut milk

Garnish : fresh organic coriander leaves

yogurt and cucumber sauce

1 tsp diced cucumber (picked fresh from Vegepod)

2tsp macro organic vanilla bean yogurt

light pinch sea-salt

1tsp fresh organic mint leaves diced

Homemade Chapati

2Tb organic plain flour

2Tb warm water

light pinch sea-salt

1 Tb melted organic butter

(Coconut cooking spray for cooking don’t add with ingredients)


Other condiments

1Tb leftover mint sauce from Indian takeaway delivery

2Tb saffron basmati rice from Indian takeaway delivery

1Tb Pataks mango chutney



1/ Steam chicken breast fillet in microwave steamer for 6 minutes (if frozen add 4 minutes)

then cut up into small chunks then add to skillet with curry ingredients and mix well until sauce goes thick.

2/ while waiting for chicken to cook make yogurt cucumber sauce. Dice cucumber and mix well with other ingredients and serve in ramekin on thali plate

3/ Place mango chutney in ramekin and place on thali plate

4/Place mint sauce in ramekin and place in centre of thali plate

5/ stir curry.

6/Make Chapati by Mixing all ingredients together to form a ball. (If it’s too dry add a little more water, if it’s too wet add more flour) then divide into two and flatten out. Spray pan with cooking spray and place dough in to pan and flatten out into circle. Spray with cooking spray so when you flip it’s ready to go. Cook until lightly toasted or brown then flip and wait until it’s cooked. Remove to thali plate. (It makes crumble because the organic flour isn’t the same as traditional flour they use and that’s ok just break into bite size pieces big enough to scoop up curry)

6/reheat rice for 1 minute in microwave

7/curry chicken should be done. Transfer to thali dish.

Garnish with coriander leaves.