Homemade paleo tomato sauce with recipe from paleo cafe cookbook. Soo good!

Rissoles with Paleo Cafe Tomato Sauce

Ingredients serves 2

2 Rissoles

2 organic zucchini sautéed with dried lemon herb & garlic spice and raw c coconut oil

1 packet spiral sweet potato (Woolworths) with thyme and raw c coconut oil

1 cup cauliflower frozen

2Tb paleo cafe tomato sauce (recipe makes 1 jar)



(you can cook Rissoles in 2nd skillet at same time as vegetables if you want to)

Cook sweet potato spirals in skillet with thyme and coconut oil until light brown or crispy

remove from skillet divide between 2 plates

cook zucchini by sauté with spice and oil until cooked but not mushy

remove from skillet and divide btw 2 plates

cut rissoles in half and cook until golden brown on both sides and plate

while waiting for rissoles cook cauliflower in microwave bowl 4 minutes

and serve on plate.

Make sauce as recipe instructions then serve 2 Tb in two ramekin and put on plate

with rissoles.