Dinner #62

Using up ingredients before groceries are done.

Tuna steak with spinach avocado salad

Ingredients serves 2

2 Tuna Steak

2/3 packet of organic spinach

1 overripe avocado

30g almonds crushed

30g Reggiano cheese grated

30g dried craisins


2tsp organic Dijon mustard

2tsp organic honey

2tsp kewpie mayo



Cook tuna steaks in non stick skillet to your liking. (Turn at halfway time)

Make salad

Divide spinach on 2 plates

Crush almonds in ziplock bag with meat cleaver until crushed.

Add to spinach with cheese, avocado, craisins.

Mix dressing ingredients in 2 ramekins and serve on side of plate.

Cut tuna into 3rds and place on plate.