Dinner #61

Hubby’s turn to cook dinner. He tried a paleo dinner.

Cleavers snags with parsnip mash

Ingredients serves 2

1 packet cleavers paleo beef sausages

1Tb olive oil



1Tb olive oil

1 onion chopped

3 mushrooms chopped

1Tb balsamic vinegar

1tsp organic sugar

1Tb organic flour

2Tb waters


Parsnip mash

4 peeled parsnips

1tsp organic minced garlic

1Tb olive oil

light pinch sea-salt.

light pinch black-pepper



Cook sausages in frypan with oil,

turn often to brown and cook on all sides

When sausages are cooked remove keep warm.


to make sauce

chop onion and mushrooms in oil and sauté to pan sausages were cooked in.

add balsamic, sugar, water and flour mix well with wooden spoon

scrape bottom of pan to mix in brown bits as it’s all flavour.


To make parsnip mash

peel parsnips and steam in microwave steamer 6 minutes

(with hot water in bottom of steamer)

then blend in food processor with remaining ingredients

until smooth mash like consistency


serve with parsnip on plate plate in middle

top with sausages then pour over onion & mushroom sauce


if you need green on the plate add some steamed broccoli