Dinner #60

Slow cooker ginger shallot chicken. Served with Sides.

Slow cooker organic ginger chicken

Ingredients serves 4 mains plus 1.5ltrs bone broth made from cooking this dish

1 Antibiotic free whole chicken. Discard neck and inner fat.

1cm fresh organic ginger sliced

2 organic fresh green shallot

sea salt and black pepper lightly sprinkle

2 cups water


Serve for 2 see below divide each between two meals

2 chicken breast off the bone

1 packet konjac vermicelli with 1Tb mirin or rice wine vinegar

2 shallots

2 cups bone broth made from this finished dish

2Tb sweet chili sauce

Optional: combine  1 tsp Thai oyster sauce with 1tsp lite soy in sauce ramekin


Discard neck and inner fat from chicken.

Place chicken in slow cooker and season on all sides with sea salt and pepper.

Slice ginger with mandolin or thin slices and place inside chicken cavity with cut up shallots

place water around chicken

put lid on and slow cook on low for 6 hours or until chicken is cooked through.

Preserve broth. Remove ginger and shallot from inside chicken

and cut chicken into pieces. 2 breasts, 2 wings, 2 drumstick with thigh.

Strain stock in sieve and place into mason glass jars with lid.


To serve

Plate up : per person

1 breast pieces and cut off the bone slice on diagonal

1/2 packet Konjac vermicelli on the side,

No: to cook whole packet for 2 people  of Konjac vermicelli rinse under water in sieve then cook 2 minute in microwave dish then sprinkle with mirin/rice wine vinegar and mix well before plating

1Tb  sweet chili sauce in sauce ramekin

1 cup of bone broth in separate soup bowl with shallot sliced on diagonal.

Place ramaining chicken in airtight container with lid in fridge for a different meal.

Bone broth can be drunk a cup a day on its own or add to any dish that needs chicken broth.