Dinner #58

Catering for 20 people. Here is my Slow Cooker Grass-fed Beef Goulash with  Vegepod  fresh cucumber salad and sauerkraut

Grass Fed Beef Goulash Slow Cooker

Ingredients serves 20

1kg beef brisket grass fed  (cut into bite size cubes)

1kg grass fed beef grilling steak (cut into bite size cubes)

2 organic onions diced

6 organic carrot sliced with crinkle cutter

2 x 400g organic crushed tomatoes

2x 20g salt reduced tomato paste sachets

2 cups beef bone broth (broth of life)

1Tb of each: Garlic powder, smoked sweet paprika, parsley, thyme, caraway seeds

1Tb organic plain flour

30g organic butter cubed

sea- salt and black pepper light pinch of each

I didn’t add but you could add optional : 2 cups cubed potatoes


Method for Grass-fed Beef Goulash 

cut meat into even size cubes

Cut onion and carrot as listed (*potatoes if using)

place all ingredients into slow cooker. Mix well.

cook on low with lid on for 6 hours.


Serve with the following


 Sauerkraut (bought already made)




Vegepod fresh Cucumber salad

6 large cucumbers fresh from Vegepod (spiraliized)

1/4 organic ref cabbage sliced

1 red onion cut in ring then quarered



3 sprigs fresh dill

2/3 pot of sour cream

2Tb mother’s earth apple cider vinegar

2tsp whole grain seeded mustard

1Tb organic honey

Light pinch sea salt

Light pinch pepper


Method for cucumber salad:

Cut cucumber with spiraliizer

chop cabbage and onion

mix dressing all together

make salad with 3Tb dressing in bowl.

Reserve rest of dressing for serving on the side

Serve chilled