Dinner #57

When you want pad Thai get creative and make this version. It’s close enough to original  recipes but healthy with konjac noodles and home made sauce. You won’t miss the peanuts because these are a great substitute.

Ingredients serves 2

1 packet Konjac noodles (100g)

1 cup Cauliflower (organic if available)

12 king prawns (head and shell tail off and deveined)

1 organic free range egg

1tb Pure Sesame Oil

2Tb olive oil


1 organic lime juiced

1Tb tamarind paste

1Tb Thai Oyster Sauce

1Tb coconut amino sauce

1tsp organic raw sugar

1tsp organic garlic minced


1 handful fresh basil leaves chopped  (Thai basil if available)

30g crushed macadamias



place oils and garlic with prawns in frypan or wok

with cauliflower and cook well.

drain Konjac noodles in sieve under running water then

add with beaten egg to pan.

Add sauce ingredients and mix well.

Serve hot