Breakfast #56

Konjac fettuccine

I hadn’t had the konjac fettucine before and it was really good. I can have pasta again! YEAH. Winning! Its lectin free. Loved this combination and will be making it again. So quick to make.

Fettucine Lemon & Spinach

Ingredients Serves 2

1 packet Konjac Fettucine

1 organic lemon juiced,

1Tb Seeded Mustard

2 handfuls spinach,

6 Organic Cherry Tomatoes

1/2 cucumber from vegepod

1 Tb organic garlic,

1Tb olive oil


Konjac fettucine just has to be rinsed under water then reheated for a minute or two. Its so much quicker than regular fettucine.

Toss fettucine through other ingredients in frypan and your meal is ready in under 5minutes.