Breakfast #54

organic garlic and spinach scrambled eggs

This was made at camping on gas cooktop. So good and I will be remaking it again. Love the garlic with the spinach.

Organic Garlic & Spinach Scrambled Eggs

Ingredient Serves 2

2 organic free range eggs

6 slices nitrate free bacon,

2 organic spinach cubes

1Tb organic garlic,

1Tb organic butter

1Tb Organic Ketchup

Option 1 : serve with 1 Slice Gluten Free Bread Toasted

Option 2:  serve with Almond Butter and Organic Jam on Gluten Free Toast


In frypan add eggs, spinach, garlic and butter and mix well.

Cook until eggs are cooked through about 2-3 minutes.

Constantly stir so it doesn’t stick to pan.

Remove to serving plate.

Cook bacon in frypan to your liking and serve with scrambled egg.