Dinner #45

Cleavers Organic Lamb Roast 

Serves 2

1/2 Cleavers Lamb Roast done 2 ways

topping for lamb

1Tb Organic Olive Oil

#1 – 1tsp organic minced garlic and light pinch sea salt

#2 – sprinkle of each herb: Rosemary, Sage leaves, Parsley


Bakein preheated oven 180*c for 1 hour turn at half time with sweet potato


1/2 Large Organic Sweet Potato Cut in half lengthwise down middle.

Bake in same  dish as lamb for same amount of time


1 cups steamed organic vegetables with

1/2 lemon juiced & 1 tsp mint

Cook in microwave for 4 minutes when lamb is ready to be carved




2Tb Organic Greek Yogurt

1Tb Organic Honey

1 tsp Organic Garlic

1/2 tsp Dill

1tsp organic wholegrain seeded mustard

Mix all together and divide into 2 ramekins