Dinner #39

Butter chicken see Day #37 breakfast

ingredients serves 2

2 serves Butter chicken

1 organic tomato sliced

4 organic lettuce leaves sliced

1 cup cooked basmati rice (1/2 cup raw rice, 1 cup water)

6Tb raita homemade (see below)

2Tb mango chutney

1/2 lime halved

1/2 lemon halved



Cook rice by absorption method for 6 minutes then serve 1/2 cup into small ramekin place on thali plate.

slice tomato and lettuce and place 1/2 of each on 2 thali dishes

place half of mango chutney into mini ramekin and place on thali dish

make raita Serve between 2 bowls place on thali plate

reheat butter chicken in casserole dish for 4 minutes and divide between 2 tapas bowlsand place on thali plate.

cut lemon and l8me serve between 2 thali plates



1/2 cucumber diced (fresh from Vegepod)

3Tb organic Greek yogurt

1tsp mint

1/2tsp cumin

Mix in Bowl together.