Australian vs USA Terminology

I often get asked from friends in USA to list the different food names for the same item when listing recipes. So here is my list which I will add to as I recall different items.


Australia is shown first followed by USA equivalent

Rocket – Arugula

Eggplant – Aubergine

Endive – Escarole * also sometimes known as baby cos

Iceberg lettuce – butter lettuce

Coriander – Cilantro

Capsicum – Bell Peppers

Green Shallots – Scallions

Red Shallots are Asian Small Shallots

Brown Onion -Yellow Onion

Beetroot – Beets

Swede – Rutabaga

Minced Meat – Ground Meat

Cabbage can be green, red or Asian cabbage is Wombok

EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Scallops can be Potato Scallops or Seafood Scallops

Pumpkin – Squash (*Pumpkin in Australia is usually fresh and not in a can eg pumpkin puree – we cook fresh pumpkin then blend it to make it smooth eg for soup)

Zucchini – Baby Marrow

Yellow Squash – Yellow Zucchini/Summer Squash

Prawns – Shrimp

Beef Steak – Some list the cut of meat eg Sirloin, Flank etc

Cos Lettuce – Romaine

Radicchio- Italian Chicory


Other Tips:

Asian Cuisine use herbs such as Thai Basil which is not the same as normal Green Basil

If you want a mild Chilli remove seeds and membrane (*don’t rub eyes when handling and cutting chili wear gloves if they are really hot ones eg small red birdseye chili is hot Thai chilli not the red long chilli which is milder. ) Chilli go from green )mild) to red but the smaller they are the hotter they are.

Chinese Oyster sauce is a lot saltier than Thai Oyster Sauce . They are not the same thing.

Kepjap Manis is the Indonesian Sweet Soy.