Lunch #35

homemade schnitzel burger & gluten-free oven chips

Fast food made at home

Ingredients Serves 1

2 burger buns

2 schnitzel patties

4 baby cos lettuce leaves

1 tomato

20 straight cut gluten-free chips

1tb kewpie mayo

1 Tb organic tomato chutney

2 slices lactose free cheese

Coconut oil spray



preheat oven 180*c fan forced oven

spray schnitzel on both sides with coconut oil spray and place on baking tray

Place 2 schnitzel on 1 tray and chips on the other. Spray chips with cooking spray lightly.

Cook for 15-20 minutes but can be turned over at half way . (Check schnitzel to see if cooked in middle with knife )

place 1 slice cheese on top half of bun

and place on schnitzel tray in last 5 minutes of cooking to let cheese melt.

slice tomato into 6 slices

Place 2 lettuce leaves on bottom of each bun and 1/2 mayo on each bun.

Top lettuce with tomato and cooked schnitzel, the chutney then with top of bun.

serve chips separate in paper towel so they don’t go soggy

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    1. Chicken breast fillet dip into arrowroot flour then egg wash then crumbs (crumbs can be made from bread or nuts) I make mine with crushed almonds or any nut you choose then pan fry for 2-3 min each side then put in moderate oven for 15 minutes

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