Dinner #30

Study Dinner is back on tonight, we are on a roster to cook with another person tonight. Tacos with Mexican rice and sides. I was on rice and sides

Recipe serves 16 as a side (1-2Tb/serve)

Rice by absorption Method

2 cups Indian Basmati Rice (Raw weight)

4 Cups water

Place in microwave dish. Water just covers rice then is absorbed in the rice.

Cook for 10 min and do not drain. Fluff with a fork.

Then add

1 handful chopped coriander

1 lime juiced

400g drained Mexican black beans

Mix well with rice.

Serve with condiments and tacos/burrito or fajitas

or on its own with garden salad


Sour cream



(See Photo above)


Option #2

ingredients serves 8

1 Cup raw Indian basmati rice

2 cups water

(cooking for *Lectin Free: Place all ingredients into pressure cooker)

if not cooking Lectin Free cook rice with water in microwave

10 min in microwave then don’t rinse just fluff with fork when cooked

Then Add

400g drained macro organic black beans

1 yellow capsicum (bell pepper) deseeded (*deseeded & skinless for Lectin Free)

400g organic tomato (*skinless and deseeded For Lectin Free)

spices : 1tsp of each: garlic powder, coriander seed, cumin, sweet paprika, oregano, sea-salt, black pepper

1 handful fresh coriander mixed through at end of cooking.

Mixed well with hot rice.

Serve as a side or your favourite Mexican meal.

Or Can be served with garden salad