Breakfast #20

A quick breakfast before church

Ingredients serves 2

2 free range egg poached

2 Grass-fed sausage leftovers cooked

3 herb and garlic sausages leftover cooked

1 Avocado halved

2 handful baby spinach

2Tb homemade paleo nomato marinara sauce



*The sausages were cooked on other days when I used same sausages so allow a little extra time to cook if not previously cooked

Crack each egg into microwave poacher

cook the eggs together in microwave poacher for 1 minute.

Place a egg on each plate.

1 put sausages on microwave plate and reheated for 2 minutes

then divide sausages evenly between 2 serving plates

cut avocado in half remove stone and skin and place half on each plate

place spinach in small ramekin and microwave for 30seconds and divide between two plates

Place a tablespoon each of sauce into 2 sauce ramekins.