Lunch #19 Asian Prawn Salad

This is is my go to Asian salad that is not only filling but tastes so good.

Ingredients serves 2

1/4 wombok sliced

1 Green Shallot (Scallion) sliced on diagonal

1 Large Carrot grated

2 cucumber from Vegepod sliced into batons

1/2 packet fresh Bean Sprouts

1 large handful fresh Coriander from herb pot

1 Large handful fresh Mint from herb pot

1 handful fresh Basil from Vegepod

10 peeled & deveined cooked prawns

1Tb Poonsin Vietnamese Dressing

Optional: sliced into rings then have. 1/4 long red chili

Optional: Asian dried shallots



Cut vegetables as listed, grate carrot

Mix all together in large bowl then divide between 2 bowls.

Place 5 prawns down middle of bowl.

If using options add to. Bowls Enjoy