Dinner #19 Hubbys Choice

Cheesy Polenta, steamed veg w herb & garlic sausages

Hubbys turn to cook tonight. This was a lovely meal and I loved the cheesy polenta.

Ingredients serves 2

4 Aldi herb and garlic sausages

1Tb olive oil

1 cup steamed mixed vegetables


Cook sausages in non stick skillet with oil.

While waiting for sausages to cook steam vegetables in microwave steamer for 4 minutes.

Make Polenta.


Cheesy Polenta :

1/2 cup Polenta

1/2 cup lactose free milk

1/2 cup boiling water

1tsp chicken stock powder

2Tb lactose free cheese


Mix all together in a pot except cheese on stove and simmer for 5 minutes

continuously  stiring so it doesn’t stick to bottom

remove from heat add cheese mix well.