My menu choices

My meals and menus are not based on any one particular diet but combination of all healthy food plans. eg Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Lectin Free, Mediterranean/D.A.S.H, 5:2 or First Place For Health diets.

I eat meals with whatever I have available at time of making the dish and create my own recipes usually from scratch.

There will be times I follow a way of eating for a few weeks if I choose to use cookbooks that I have to cook from and follow.

So if for example there is say the meal with Lectin Free Vegan Mayo from Plant Paradox cookbook with prawns and lettuce, it doesn’t mean it’s a 100% Vegan recipe but a part of the recipe may have something vegan in it eg the mayo hence tag with a Vegan and combined it with the Lectin Free sustainable prawns it is then a meal. If I use a recipe from a program or cookbook that is not mine I will say where it’s from. Otherwise all other recipes are my own.

All Photos shown are my originals.

If you eat healthy meals for living a healthy lifestyle, to me that is more important than following one particular diet.