Dinner #18 Grass-Fed Oregano & Parsley Sausages

I found these sausages in Coles which claim to be 100% Australian Beef, no added hormones and they were very thick sausages so you only need 1 per serve. It’s a easy dinner with salad plate and hubby liked this dinner.

Ingredients serves 2

2 Graze grass-fed sausages



Cook in non stick skillet with 1Tb water until cooked.

while it’s cooking make your salad and dressing.

Cut into 6 pieces and place evenly around the salad



2Tb baby pink kraut MaKutchen

2 cups baby leaf blend

6 kalamata pitted olives

1/2 large Hass Avocado

1/4 Red capsicum * for nightshade free/Lectin Free cooked deskin and deseed.

2 large (blood red) heirloom cherry tomatoes * same as above

1 cucumber fresh from my Vegepod * Lectin Free deseed and skin off



This salad can be done 2 ways.

1/Place on plate as shown above


2/ mix in large bowl then put on serving plate


Dressing: per person I combined these 2 dressing into 1.

1 x paleo cafe Recipe  herb and garlic ghee

1 x paleo cafe Recipe honey and wholemeal mustard dressing