Dinner #13 Indian Feast

Indian feast first one this year. I tried a new recipe Saag Ghosht from Pinterest but I adapted it for 2 .

I also served it with homemade organic Chapati, butter chicken and Indian basmati rice.

Ingredients serves 2


1/ cook rice whilst cooking other 2 dishes

2/ cook 2 mains in separate skillet

3/ make Chapati whilst they are cooking

4/ Serve with rice

1 qty Saag Gosht  for 2 (Indian lamb spinach curry with organic yogurt)

200g grass fed lamb roast cleavers

My version just Sprinkle of each spice over meat

cumin, coriander seed, cloves powder, cardamom powder,  cinnamon, ginger, garlic powder, Garam  Masala, turmeric, paprika, pepper

1 bay leaf

1/2 onion sliced

1 cup baby spinach leaves

2Tb organic yogurt

2Tb water



Cut lamb into cubes.

Add meat with spices and water to skillet and cook until lamb is brown.

Add water and spinach and gently sauté for 2 minutes

Add yogurt stir through turn off heat let it rest on hotplate until ready to serve



Butter chicken for 2:

1/2 jar butter chicken sauce

1 chicken breast fillet cubed

1/2 large onion


Cut chicken into cubes and cook onion and chicken in non stick skillet until brown

stir to cook through

add sauce and mix well.

Cook until sauce is hot.



Basmati Rice: serves 2

1/2 cup raw Indian basmati rice

1 cup water (only enough to just cover rice)


Add water to rice in microwave casserole dish and cook on high 10 minutes. Do not strain water should be absorbed fully. Fluff with fork.


Organic Chapati serves 2

1 cup organic self raising flour

1/2cup hot water

1tb olive oil

light pinch sea-salt

Coconut oil spray


Mix all together in bowl until it forms a ball.

Split into two.

Roll each Half into a ball then flatten to size small frypan

repeat with second half

spray frypan/non stick skillet with cooking spray and turn to low heat

Then place 1 chapati  in pan and cook for 1-2minutes until spots turn brown then flip

cook further minute. Repeat for the remaining chapati.

Serve hot with meal. Chapati is used to scoop up dishes with 🖐 to eat meal.