Breakfast #13. Chicken Asian Bowl


Lettuce, carrot, cherry tomato, basmati rice, Asian chicken satay, cashew peanut sauce

I have been wanting to grill some kebabs and these are the perfect combination. If using bamboo skewers soak them first for a hour before threading marinated chicken or make into a bowl.

Ingredients serves 2

2 Antibiotic free Chicken Thighs


1Tb Thai oyster sauce

1Tb kepjap manis (Indonesian Sweet soy)

2tsp minced garlic

1Tb sesame oil

1Tb Worcestershire Sauce


Marinate  chicken in air tight container with lid overnight

Place 2 skewers lengthwise through each thigh then cut with serrated knife to separate each skewered meat 🍖

BBQ thighs and serve with cashew peanut satay sauce