Breakfast #12 kale mushroom omelette

Great weekend breakfast and all organic ingredients. You could add side salad as well.

Ingredients Serves 1

1 organic free range egg

1Tb lactose free milk

1 organic kale stem (keep kale discard stem)

2 organic button mushrooms

3 organic cherry tomato halved

1 organic green shallot (spring onion)

light pinch sea-salt

light pinch pepper

coconut cooking spray



Chop tomatoes in half, cut mushrooms into slices then half

Destem the kale (by pulling kale off w 2 fingers either side of the stem then pull kale down the stem)

Heat non stick skillet with coconut oil spray

Beat egg with milk and add to skillet with other ingredients

Cook for about 2 minutes

Fold omelette in half and cook further minute.

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