Sauces: homemade cashew peanut sauce

I have made many sate, satay & peanut sauces over the years but I never tried it with anything but  (non organic) peanut butter until today. This one is one of my best with raw cashews and organic peanut butter.

Ingredients makes 2 jars

150g raw unsalted cashews

1Tb of each: macro organic peanut butter, (raw c)Coconut water, Thai red curry paste, Brown sugar, honey, coconut amino, lite soy, may ploy sweet chilli sauce

2Tb coconut milk (raw c)

1tsp of each: raw organic sugar, Thai fish sauce, tamarind paste, curry powder, raw tumeric grates, galangal grated, garlic minced, lemongrass paste

1/2 lime juiced


Crush cashews in blender until very fine and add coconut water. Mix well.

Mix all ingredients with wooden spoon  in small pot on stove on low simmer.

Then bring to boil continue to stir until thickens.( *If you don’t stir it could burn on bottom of the saucepan)

Cool then place into jars and store in fridge

This sauce is great for poultry, vegetables or crudités , red meat, prawns, rice paper rolls, spring rolls.