Snack #10

Snack platter for 2 . Sometimes it’s a afternoon tea between dinner snack otherwise it’s when we want a snack to watch tv after dinner.

Ingredients serves 2

1 organic carrot

1 organic celery stalk

1/2 punned organic strawberries

2 rows pumpkin gluten-free crackers

4tb homemade avocado mayo



Place 2Tb mayo in ramekins at either end of the platter.

Place strawberries in the middle of platter.

Slice carrot lengthwise in half then again in half.

Slice celery stalk in half then again slice lengthwise in half again.

Place half of each on platter with carrot and celery on both sides of the strawberries.

Place 1 row of crackers from the corner of the platter and just let them go.