Menu plan

For those who want to know how i do my menu planning here it is


  • I write on white board what i have in pantry fridge freezer then work from there


  • one day a week I get as many mains cooked as I can do then freeze them


  • it is then just 2-3min reheat in microwave on serving plate on day of consuming.


  • On the weekend i make up hubbys work lunches for the week ahead. Includes salads or a hot meal not both and usually its what I need to use up eg veges before groceries ar next done. I make a batch of healthy muffins, paleo friendly snacks for his morning tea in zip lock bags. Then he also grabs some fruit on the way out the door.


  • My lunches are whatever i decide on the day as i don’t work i can choose hot or soup or salad all paleo meals


  • Breakfast i make up organic yogurt/Frozen berry and nuts seeds mix w 1tsp maple syrup in small mason jars. Often we have these for snacks or supper as well. Or i cook meat protein/egg avo salad or a stirfry. If theres leftover meals we havent used we have them on the weekends or a salad bowl. Hubby gets his own bfst as he likes his toast w peanut butter or wheat cereal and yogurt


  • Snacks : crudites, lactose free cheese, gluten free crackers or fruit or jelly (jello) or paleo balls.


  • I have kombucha and fermented veg each day and probiotic tablet to keep my gut healthy (and i do believe this is how i healed my sickness from deaths door literally and was on 22 medications a day, now i am down to only on 5 medications a day to keep me stable)


  • Now its just cooking for 2 i find i can get away with cooking just 2 different mains but making enough eg4 serves of each dish so on rotation the next week theres 4 diff meals to choose from. We do eat out on a date night once a week and during school terms we have a dinner with bible study group which we are on a roster to cook for 20 people 2x a term


  • I try to make all my own sauces from scratch too so I know what is in them