Clean out 2018

Recently I was asked what I do to menu plan so here are some of my tips beforehand.


  • clean out pantry at start of the year then do it once a month.. get rid of items expired by last year (or earlier years) use by dates.


  • This also includes seasoning and dried herb bottles.


  • It can make you ill if you have rancid items. Yes oil can go rancid as well as vinegar.


  • When re filling pantry rotate stock and put current use by dates at front to use them up first.


  • do the same for freezer and fridge


  • before groceries shopping have a look see what you currently have and make meals from that first.


  • Buy staples you use all the time if on special get x2 lots


  • Buy good quality ingredients.


  • Buy meat in bulk and cut it up yourself. 100g serve is usually a lunch size or 200g for dinner.


  • store meat and vegetables in ziplock bags in freezer in portion sizes as it will save time later when cooking.


  • 1 cup raw vegetables is a serve or 1/2cup frozen vegetables is a serve. We Usually have total 1 1/2 cups per meal if frozen or 1 cup salad


  • cut up vegetables and put in air tight containers/ziplock bags in portion sizes when you get groceries home.


  • If you want to keep eating healthy don’t allow any other food into the house. (If you get complaints from others say ‘We don’t eat like that anymore. We are eating healthy meals so we don’t get sick. ‘)


  • Clean down counters and dishes so you have a clean space to prepare meals


  • at night close off kitchen light say 8pm and let everyone know the kitchen is closed now until breakfast.


  • Have a 🛑  ✋ sign on fridge saying do you really need it or are you just bored?


  • To plan meals for the week get a couple of different recipes and make in advance and freeze them. For 2 people we cook 2 meals but 4 serves of each and the following week another two. Then you have 4 to Choose from.


  • Make lunches for work not only saves $ but keeps meals on track..see my work lunch posts for ideas.


  • When shopping look at items on the lowest shelf and highest. Often companies pay for eye level placement. Shop on the outer perimeter of the store where you find meat, veg, milk, bread first. All the junk is in middle isles which you probably don’t want to bring into a healthy house. Have a list of what you need ingredients for each recipe and stick to it.


  • Promotions in supermarket for things on ‘special’ usually occur to clear old stock or because they have a contest coming out or they have changed their labels. Only buy what you use all the time. They do a 6 week rotation which means in 6 weeks time it will be on special again.


  • Make sauces from scratch so you don’t get all the nasties with things your body doesn’t need that can cause inflammation and diseases.


  • Read labels and be informed. first 3 ingredients on a label it will show what quantity is mostly found in the item


  • sodium/salt per day should be kept to 1500mg total for heart patients.

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