Breakfast #10 smashed avocado

Today’s breakfast was using up fridge items before groceries are done. It’s one of those meals can be any time of the day  eg breakfast, lunch or dinner. I find having protein at breakfast keeps me going until lunch and I don’t need snacks between meals.

Ingredients serves 1

2 slices nitrate free pork rashers

1 small avocado smashed

1 organic free range egg

coconut oil cooking spray



3 organic cherry tomato

3 organic strawberries

1 handful organic lettuce

1 slice red onion

1Tb lite French dressing



Cook pork and eggs to your liking in non stick skillet with coconut oil cooking spray.

Whilst they are cooking make salad.

Chop tomatoes and strawberries in half.

Slice onion and separate rings.

Place lettuce on bottom of dish and add remaining salad ingredients.

Mix well and place on serving plate.

Add avocado and smash with fork.

Place egg on avocado and pork on side.