Dinner #09 hubby’s Meatloaf

hubby’s been asking me to make meatloaf for a while now so I have made some mini ones to have for weekend lunches.

Ingredients serves 8 mini meatloaf or 1 large

500g organic grass fed mince beef

1cup breadcrumbs

1 organic free range egg

1tb Worcestershire sauce

2Tb BBQ sauce – separated keep 1Tb for brushing top of meatloaf before cooking

1tsp thyme

1tsp marjoram

1tsp chives


Mix all together

Place in greased rectangular muffin Tins or 1 bread loaf tin

cook preheated 170*c for 30minutes

*meatloaf can be frozen and served with salad or hot vegetables

(I served this with steamed vegetables and leftover gravy to use it up)