Lunch #09: Clean Lemongrass & Ginger Chicken

This is my version for clean Hainanese chicken. (The Asia Hainanese chicken sauce has also got  MSG and soybean oil and sugar, yeast extract and pandan.) Here I substituted their jasmine rice with cauliflower rice.

Ingredients Serves 1

1/2 chicken breast fillet sliced thin

1Tb fresh ginger

1tsp garlic minced

1Tb lemongrass

1 twist sea-salt on grinder

1 cup *bone broth chicken

( *made with broth of life chicken bone broth dehydrated granules and water)

1 green shallot sliced *reserve 1/2 tsp for later

Serve with

1/4 cup cauliflower ‘rice’

1/4 cucumber sliced *for Lectin Free remove skin and seeds

1tsp sweet chilli sauce spicy *AIP omit chili sauce

fresh coriander (cilantro) to garnish



Slice ingredients as listed

Then place all ingredients listed above the serve line

and simmer gently until chicken is cooked through *reserve liquid

Cook cauliflower 4minutes in microwave then mash with fork

Remove chicken and place on serving plate.

Use reserved liquid and strain liquid into a bowl

then ladle enough to fill small ramekin bowl

add a few green shallots in ramekin

Place chili sauce in sauce ramekin

serve dish as shown.