Work lunches : Using up leftovers

This week I have used things up and made meals for lunch that could be served hot or cold.

Prosciutto Pesto Pasta Salad Ingredients Makes 6 entree’s/sides or 3 mains

2 cups (500g) orechetti pasta

4 cups (1ltr) water

2 slices prosciutto

6 organic cherry tomatoes quartered

2Tb (40g)  kalamata olives

1 large organic carrot sliced

3/4 jar homemade basil pesto *see previous post for recipe


Cook pasta with water in microwave bowl for 10 minutes then drain

Slice remaining ingredients

mix ingredients all together.

serve hot or cold (reheat 1-2 minutes in microwave for hot)

* this would be a great side for red meat, fish or chicken


Taste sample not a actual serve

Pearl cous cous salad Makes 4 entree’s /sides or 2 mains

1/2 packet pearl cous cous

*enough hot water to just cover cous cous

1/2 red capsicum sliced into cubes

3 organic cherry tomato quartered

2 slices red cabbage chopped

2 slices green cabbage chopped

1 lemon juiced

1 handful of mint

1 sachet chicken noodle soup powder (no water needed)


Make cous cous adding boiling water and cover for 10 minutes

Chop ingredients to similar sizes and mix through w lemon juice and mint.

Serve hot or cold

* this would make a nice side for fish or chicken or turkey