Dinner #04: Steamed Fish with Homemade Pesto

Steamed fish in the microwave takes 10minutes if frozen or 6 if unfrozen in a microwave steamer. Quick to get a meal on for hungry mouths. The Basil was picked fresh this morning from my Vegepod to make the Pesto.

Ingredients Serves 2

Homemade Vegepod basil pesto












Homemade Pesto : Makes a small 300ml jar

1 large bunch Basil leaves

1/3 Cup Grated Parmesan

1/3 Cup Pine Nuts

1 Lemon Juiced

2-3Tb Olive Oil *drizzled

2 cloves garlic diced


Mix all together in blender but drizzle in the oil slowly to mix well.


Ingredients Serves 2:

2x 150g  Boneless Barramundi Fillet

1 Tb (20g) pesto



1 cup (250g) Mixed Leaves

1 Carrot spiral or grate

4 slices red onion



1/ Make pesto

2/Place fish in microwave steamer and cook for 10min if frozen/6min if thawed

3/Whilst fish is cooking make the salad on serving plate .

Cut slices of red onion. Spiralize carrot.

Place a handful of lettuce onto plate

top with remaining ingredients

serve fish with pesto