Dinner #03: Pete Evans Roast Chicken with rosemary, garlic and lemon

I cooked the rest of the chicken same as breakfast for dinner with different sides.

Ingredients serves 2

2x 100g Skinless & Boneless  Chicken breast fillet with My adapted recipe of  Pete Evans roast chicken with rosemary, garlic and lemon *see new post for recipe  (I use antibiotic free chicken breast fillet if available)



1 cup julienne carrot (*organic if possible)

1Tb honey

1tsp sesame seeds


1cup cauliflower (*organic if possible)


1 cup Green Beans *

1Tb logical margarine

1tsp Pine Nuts

(*green beans have Lectins so if Lectin Free can substitute organic broccoli)



Cook chicken in skillet until cooked through with marinade basted the chicken when turning on 2nd side.

Cook vegetables in individual microwave bowls for 4 minutes from frozen.

Stir vegetables

Add honey and sesame seeds to carrots

Add pine nuts and margarine to beans

Cook vegetables for a further 2minutes

Serve with chicken and any remaining sauce in skillet.