Dinner #02: Sausages & Pete Evans Onion Gravy

This was based on a Paleo meal. I didn’t have paleo sausages on hand but still did the gravy as per recipe from Pete Evans The Paleo Way Program. I needed to used up some leftovers in this meal as well.

Ingredients serves 2

6 thin  sausages

1tb coconut oil

1 qty onion gravy as per Pete Evans The Paleo Way recipe * but I also added leftover gravy from Christmas.

1 cup broccoli

1 cup cauliflower

2Tb leftover lactose free cheese sauce I made last week.

2 small sweet potato

2ts baby pink kraut


Cook sausages in frypan with coconut oil.

Steam the vegetables in microwave for 4 min for broccoli and cauli, 6 min for sweet potatoes in steamer.

Reheat cheese sauce in ramekin 1-2 minutes.

When sausages ages are cooked move to serving plates and keep warm.  *see note

*Keep the bits in frypan from sausages

Add gravy ingredients with 2 Tb water to loosen the bits in the frypan.

Mix well gravy well and bring to low boil until sauce thickens.

Place kraut in sauce ramekin, serve on side of the plate or separate.

Add vegetables and cheese sauce to plate.

Serve gravy on top of sausages.