Lunch #01 : Chicken Parma

Lunch homemade Parma

A club meal made at home with less chips and more salad w homemade Chicken parmigiana.

Ingredients serves 1


1 chicken breast schnitzel (these are large schnitzel so you could split in half for 2 serves)

1 tsp tomato paste

2 slices gluten-free ham

1/2 handful grated lactose free cheese

1/2 handful grated Parmesan

coconut cooking spray


Preheat oven 180*c and line baking tray with foil .

Spray schnitzel  with coconut oil spray on both sides and place on tray.

You can place chips on same tray and spay with light spray  and cook together for 20 minutes.

Then spread schnitzel with tomato paste, followed by ham and cheeses on top.

Turn chips and cook both for a further 10minutes.

Prepare salad while waiting


1 handful mixed leaves

1/4 carrot grated or spiraled

3 cherry tomatoes halved

5 slices cucumber cut in half * keep other half for another meal

2 rings red onion separate

1tb lite French dressing


Place on plate in order of ingredients listed

Serve with schnitzel and chips

(if you don’t like chips under schnitzel serve on side.)