Pasta salads

Pasta salad are great for lunch as they fill you up. Normally I use gluten free pasta when I can get it.

Pasta sauce/dressing meat in ramekin, salad bowl








The order of making these dishes:

  1. make a salad first
  2. cook the pasta with just enough water to cover it , 8min in microwave ,
  3. cook poultry  while pasta is cooking, cut into thin strips or cubes for quick cooking.
  4. drain pasta but leave 1Tb pasta water and add pasta and water to sauce/dressing. See tip*
  5. add cooked meat to pasta with dressing and mix well.
  6. add salad to large bowl and toss with pasta & mix well
  7. plate in serving dish

*Tip: The starchy water helps the sauce/dressing  to stick to pasta.

Greek Salad, bow tie pasta with Caesar dressing and bacon
Garden salad with basil pesto, orechetta pasta and turkey

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