Italian Pizzas








Inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Italian Pizzas from tv show Jamie and the nonna’s.

The bases I used were frozen & bought,  not made from his recipe.

I used tomato paste salt reduced for the tomato sauce not his sauce recipe.

The rest of the toppings were the same as his recipes on the show unless Recipe is shown.. 

Margarita pizza
Pizza Margarita before cooking









Margarita: serves 2

2 small pizza bases

1/2 sachet salt reduce tomato paste

2 laughing cow cheese triangles.

8 fresh basil leaves from Vegepod

spread bases with tomato paste evenly.

cut cheese triangles and spread evenly on each base

add 4 basil leaves to each pizza.

Cook in pre-heated oven 180*c cook for 15 minutes.

Pizza #2 Bianco Pizza #3 Neapolitan
Pizza 2 and 3







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