Breakfast: Paleo #7

I have always liked BLTbut never wanted the bread/bun so this is a great alternative. My BLAT with mushrooms.

Breakfast BLAT with mushroom









Ingredients serves 1

3 slices Nitrate free bacon

1Tb100% Canadian maple syrup,

1 handful coral lettuce,

1/3 avocado smashed,

1 cooked tomato

3 cooked mushrooms.


No oil or cooking spray was added to my non stick skillet to cook the maple bacon, tomato and mushroom.

Cook them to your liking approx 3-4 minutes.

Peel and mash avocado with fork.

Place a handful of lettuce down middle of serving plate.

Place cooked bacon on top.

Serve with avocado mash to the side and add tomato and mushrooms.

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