Indonesian Sides: Selada Indonesia

Indonesian Salad comes in various dishes but this one is my adapted one from a  traditional salad from a traditional Indonesian cookbook with ingredients I had available at the time. As the original recipe is subject to copyright I cant post it. Here is my version of the recipe as  I swapped out the potato for cauliflower, coconut milk with desiccated coconut and coconut water. I didn’t add the cooked egg omelette strips.

Selada Indonesian

Selada Indonesian 2 serves











Ingredients serves 4 as a side dish

1tsp Sambal Olek or Red chilies

1/8 Wombok Cabbage shredded or use normal white cabbage

1/4 Cucumber Sliced then large dice

1/3 tin of Bamboo sprouts, (Or use fresh ones)

1/2 cup green beans,

1/2 cup Cauliflower,

1 small Red Onion or Red Asian shallot,

2Tb Coconut Water

1Tb Desiccated Coconut

2Tb of Kauh Sate #2 Sauce (recipe in cookbook followed and is subject to copyright)


Simply steam the vegetables or lightly fry them in peanut oil then mix with sate sauce

Serve with Sate Chicken Skewers, Sambal Olek as a side dish, Steamed Rice