Indonesian Sate: Kuah Sate #2

Sate is common in Indonesia but is poured after the sate has been arranged on a dish or is served in individual small bowls , one for each person who then dips the skewer of sate in the bowl before eating it. This is my adapted version of the Kuah Sate #2 Spiced Peanut Sauce (*it is not the original recipe so I have adapted it to what I had available which is very close to original)

Kuah Sate#2

Ingredients makes 300ml bottle 

1tsp sambal olek

3Tb Smooth peanut butter

1tsp garlic paste

1Tb Coconut Water with 2Tb Desiccated Coconut (Or coconut cream)

1Tb Brown Sugar

1tsp ginger paste (0r galangal if you can get it)

1/2 cube shrimp paste (terasi/blachan))

1lemon juiced

2Tb Ketjap Manis *Sweet Indonesian soy

1tsp sesame oil or peanut oil


Mix together in saucepan until it thickens but stir often to mix through ingredients so it doesn’t burn on bottom of saucepan. If it catches just add a tb of water and mix through. it wont be burnt just caramelised.