Meals this week

A family emergency this week so meals were grab and run out door food. Sorry not all photos done.


Mon: see Thursday

Tues brunch: subway meatball footlong withlop the lot on wheat and aioli

Wed: straight cut chips frozen cooked in microwave 2min with tomato sauce

Thurs: Bowl meal: leftover Bulgogi Pork, rice, broccoli fresh from garden, carrots  (x 2 different days)

Fri: none

Salad to go

Sat: salad bowl bbq chicken avocado cucumber broccolini kale cherry tomato carrot

sun: gluten free sausages, mushroom gravy, potato and pumpkin

Gf sausages and mushroom gravy












Mon: Gluten free black rice wrap with bbq chicken, kewpie,lettuce

Tues: see breakfast

Wed: salad bowls to take with us: fresh kale from vegepod, cucumber, prawns or bbq chicken, avocado, cherry tomato, carrot and light French dressing ( 2 diff days)

Salad to go










Fri: Homemade fried rice

Sat: same as wed.

Sun: gf udon noodles w pad thai chicken homemade sauce recipe on noodles packet










Mon: sausages with steamed vegetables

Tues: McDonalds mcfeast value meal

wed: toasted sandwiches :turkey deli, kewpie, lettuce

Thurs: Oven baked yum cha with sweet Chili sauce, five tastes shot lemongrass chicken w Asian frozen vegetables and cooked jasmine rice

Fri: Steamed sweet potato mash, green beans, leftover chicken and prawns, Thai oyster sauce

Sat: gluten free sausages with mushrooms, lite supreme gravy, steamed pumpkin, potato

Gf sausages and mushroom gravy











Sun: Gluten-free chicken sausages with steamed  broccoli, pumpkin, potato