Bulgogi Pork

Used up Bulgogi marinade to make Bulgogi Pork with Vegepod kale and basmati rice. Kale was in abundance and I had cooked a batch of rice yesterday.

Bulgogi pork



Ingredients serves 1

150g Pork steak

4tb Bulgogi Marinade

1/2 cup cooked basmati



Marinade pork for 24hrs then pan fry until pork is cooked.

Sauté kale in pan juices.

Reheat cooked basmati for 1 minute in microwave on serving plate.

Slice pork and place around rice and spread kale evenly around the plate.

Bulgogi Pork w gluten free bun

Bulgogi pork w gf roll, burger cheese, cos, kewpie mayo, pickled ginger, red onion