Indian feast #9

We visited relatives and had a very late lunch.

Impromptu Father’s Day lunch cooked in 25 minutes.

All I had to cook was rice and tikka chicken.

Indian feast #9










Ingredients served 2

2Tb Tikka sauce from Aldi

1 chicken breast fillet cubed

1/2 onion sliced

6 cherry tomatoes halved

2Tb lactose free milk (I didn’t have cream)



followed recipe on jar,


served with

Raita made from 2Tb yogurt, 1/4 lemon juiced and 1/4 cucumber diced

(3 handfuls raw, cooked  by absorption method)basmati rice,

1/2 packet Leftover  pappadums,

1Tb leftover Chili Tomato Chutney,

1 Tb leftover Mango relish.

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