B.B.Q Chicken spaghetti bake

Using up leftover vegetables to make metals this week. Quick meals. This is like a spaghetti lasagne.

Spaghetti bake











Ingredients serves 2

1/3 whole BBQ chicken

100g wholemeal spaghetti,

2 zucchini sliced

1/2 tin tomato soup,

1 jar sun dried tomatoes,

1Tb lactose free cream cheese,

1tsp of each oregano, parsley,basil, garlic powder,

50g lactose free cream cheese,

30g Parmesan



Cover spaghetti with water and cook spaghetti in microwave dish according to preset buttoning microwave (10-14min) then drain spaghetti  under cold water

Place half of the spaghetti on bottom of small casserole dish

spread with chicken layer then zucchini.

layer sun dried tomatoes on each zucchini slice with oil from jar

Pour soup over top and sprinkle evenly the herbs and garlic

spread cheeses on top

bake 180*c for 20minutes

Optional:  served with Caesar side salad or garlic bread

Caesar side